Monday, June 30, 2008


Pencil. Then ink. Then Photoshop.


Joseph Lee said...

Love the eye expression to the piece!

Gon said...

Very good work Ken, i love how you draw "our" Cristiano Ronaldo next Roonie hehe

regards from Portugal

danSEDDON said...

Wow your work is amazing man, im speachless. I'm not sure how I even came to your site but I;m glad i did. Every single caricature you have done is so recognizable and perfect. could you give any tips on how you create such a likeness?

kencoogan said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Dan, I think the most important thing to consider when drawing a caricature of anyone is to study the subject carefully. With celebrities, having a good range of reference photos really helps for a start. I always begin with a few rough sketches just to familiarise myself with the subject befoe moving onto a finished piece.