Friday, August 1, 2008

MY NIECE (again)

I thought I'd be a good uncle and give this one another go with a slightly different style from my more 'cartooned version' from last Christmas. I'll be painting this one digitally (when I get the time of course!)


Joseph Lee said...

Great expression!

kencoogan said...

Thanks Joseph! I love your Star Wars stuff by the way. Can I assume that you're looking forward to the 'Clone Wars movie release? ;)

Ken said...

damn, I wish I could caricature like you. What is this drawn with? Its superb!

kencoogan said...

Thanks a million Ken, I could say the exact same thing about your final Sword Girl piece!! Its ace!
This is just a pencil sketch that took about 10 minutes or so.
I started to paint it digitally the other week and hope to have it finished pretty soon.....famous last words!

Jean-Marc Borot said...

Hi Ken,
beautiful drawxing.