Monday, November 17, 2008


I was recently asked to submit some of my work for an upcoming exhibition being held in Edinburgh at the end of November.
This is something of a first for me so it's very exciting, not only to be have my work shown in public but also to have it shown alongside some of the best and most talented caricature artists around. Sadly, I won't be able to be there myself but if you're from or near the area, please stop by and check it out!!
Thanks to Craig Rogalski for bringing it together!!
Here's the link for the exhibition.


Marion said...

That's a great initiative!
Wish I could visit the exhibition.
Perhaps we should try something like that in Holland as well!

Neil Davies said...

It look superb doesn't it? I'm honoured to have my stuff alongside yours and all the other guys Ken. Very exciting!

Ken said...

dam! I wish I had known about this sooner so i could have popped along to Edinburgh and see it! Ah well... next time!