Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Found myself with the luxury of a spare half hour the other day so decided to catch up on a bit o' sketching.
Michael Palin is another in a long list of my comedy heroes. He's responsible for writing some of the funniest sketches in the Monty Python series and his post-Python work has been hilarious.
If you're a fan and you live in Dublin, he'll be signing copies of the second part of his published diaries on the 7th November in The Dublin Book Shop.


BODARD said...

Great caricature (exageration is perfect) ! And I like this guy very much ! Thanks, Ken.

Jim Hopkins said...

Great one! Read the Diaries and have been watching the Travelogues with the wife -very addictive stuff.

Such a jolly fellow -a hard to resist personality.

Loving the quality of your drawing in general!