Friday, January 15, 2010


This was taken at a recent wedding I worked at over Christmas. Unfortunately, although I did have my camera with me, there was no memory card inside!! ARGH!
Paul Sherwood, the very talented wedding photographer on the day, very kindly took this photo for me to put up on the blog.


Shafali said...

Beautiful. Those two minimalist caricatures so beautifully portray the lines of their faces:-)


Pete Wagner said...

I always am disappointed when artists like you who are so great at doing the very finished eye candy illustration do these event caricatures too neatly. I think half the fun of drawing at an event is doing something that has wild elements of chance and deliberately breaks a lot of the rules, yet arrives at something where the impulse and the intensity of the drawing makes up for its lack of being finished. I invite you and your visitors to consider this approach by viewing some of my party caricatures at and I would welcome your feedback. Please understand I fully appreciate your finished work, just would like to see more acknowledgement of this kind of "free form jazz" idea of event caricaturing. Thanks, Ken. A chara.