Friday, March 9, 2012

David De Gea

Been waaaay too long since I last posted anything here so I thought I'd get the ball rolling again with the Spanish born Man Utd goalie David De Gea.


Toby K said...
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Jason's blog said...

Really nice. I'm a Man U fan - and a fellow caricature drawer. I'm gonna follow this blog in the future. I'm currently starting up my own blog, check it out if you want.


Espen said...

Nice work, mate! Every time I see the bloke, I get an sudden urge to draw him and his hair. I have yet to do so, though.

Btw, does this mean that you have been drawing all the time since last post, but just not posted any of it? Or have you been through a dry spell?

Obat Aborsi said...

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